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Take Your Hotel Stay to the Next Level With These Items

Posted by Sarah Barban on Oct 21, 2019 11:03:00 AM

Traveling is amazing, you see new places, you meet new people, but being away from home isn't always the most comfortable thing. Plus, we all know homesickness is real. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to make your next stay at Sunset Beach Hotel, or any hotel, more comfortable and cozy. 

White Noise Machine

Falling asleep in unfamiliar settings can be rough, but bringing along a white noise machine or putting a white noise app on your phone can help you block out some of the strange noises and fall asleep faster. 

Face Mask

Your hotel stay should be relaxing, so bring along some self-care items. Face masks are easy to slip into your luggage or toiletry bag, but they'll leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

Comfy Robe

 Pack a fluffy robe and you'll feel like you're staying at the Ritz while you kick back and watch some TV. While you're at it, bring your slippers too. 

Your Favorite Snacks

Whether you get in late and all the restaurants are closed or come back to your room hungry after a night out, you'll be glad to have some of your favorite foods around to get you through. Granola bars, microwave popcorn and fruit are all lightweight, easy to pack snacks. 

Your Pillow or Blanket

If you're picky about blankets or you have to have your specific pillow to be comfortable, bring them along with you. You'll sleep better and enjoy your stay more if you have the things that make you happy. 

Load up on these items before your next stay at Sunset Beach Hotel and your stay will be the relaxing retreat you need. 

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